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Wedding preparations

Wedding preparation is an exciting and thorough process. “Oktyabrskaya” hotel offers its service about organization of some important event components for people who stick to the wedding traditions.

Bachelorette party

Spend time pleasantly with your close friends in SPA-complex in the Hotel. At your disposal: swimming pool, sauna, hamam, karaoke and a lounge area. We will take care about food and drinks, prepare fresh fruit drinks and lemonade for you. 

Bride preparation in the room

There is nothing more exciting for a bride than the night before a wedding party. Leave your deep emotions at home. “Oktyabrskaya” invites brides and their mothers to stay for a night before a wedding ceremony in the hotel. You could come for a day, check in, have good sleep and breakfast. Your hairdresser will come in the morning. Hotel views and interior will undoubtedly serve as a beautiful background for your photo session.


“Buyout” is not only a tradition but it is the most cheerful and bright moment in all pre-wedding fuss. “Oktyabrskaya” hotel offers to hold “buyout” on its territory. Such variant of “buyout” allows not only expanding the context of usual screenplays but makes you free from hassle. Enchanting champagne pyramid made for future newlyweds will be a good ending after groom difficult tests and bride patient waiting.

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