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Do not believe superstitions!

May is the most blossom and splendid month of the spring. Weddings in May are very popular in spite of the existing Russian stereotype «May means suffering».

May has its own “highlights”:
wedding table is full of early vegetables, fruits and berries;
bouquets from beautiful spring flowers;
more discounts because of the superstitions and as a consequence the possibility to organize a fabulous wedding.

We have made an exclusive offer for terrace for this period:

  • terrace rental or banquet – 10 000 rubles per event.
    Hotel PRESENT: a place for outdoor marriage registration free. The area is offered as a compliment for choice: summer terrace, surrounding terrace area, Hotel lounge. Additional bonus: arch, furniture (tables, chairs), textile, checkroom;
  • delicious cake or desserts free.

Service fee - 10%.
Cheque for a person - 2 300 rubles
(without drinks).

Separate way out from terrace to the spring park where you can make a fabulous photo session is one more additional advantage to your Event.

Do not believe superstitions, look at the nature,
at the beauty around you,
at the most gorgeous month of the year, at the month of bright colors and blossom!

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